DISH Announces $20 A Month Live TV Streaming Service Called Sling TV

dish network

Streaming is the wave of the future in terms of consuming content, and DISH Network is hopping on board that train with their announcement of Sling TV, a streaming service that will cost consumers only $20 a month and allow them watch TV on a myriad of different devices including the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Amazon Fire TV, game consoles, smartphones, tablets, computers, and of course… TV’s. This is also not just streaming content like you might find on Hulu Plus, Sling TV will incorporate streaming of Live tv shows, which means accessible content like ESPN, ESPN 2, TNT, TBS, The Food Network and more.

Sling TV and DISH Network are joining other streaming services like HBO Go who is launching their own standalone streaming service this year for all its popular network shows, so it’s obvious that DISH realized adding a streaming service option for consumers was a smart choice. The service will also feature on-demand video programming along with the “best of online video” alongside all of the live content, and it apparently requires no commitment, no credit check, no contract, and no hardware installation(short of the installation of whatever device you’re streaming TV to)which should make this an extremely easy service for the average non tech savvy consumer to set up.

Sling TV will also reportedly be compatible with Google’s Nexus Player as well as Roku devices, so there is really is a very wide range of compatible devices, DISH is obviously trying to reach as many consumers here as they can. All of this content is great, but we don’t always get to view stuff right when it airs, and that’s where Sling TV’s 3-Day replay feature comes in, allowing subscribers to access some tv shows that have aired in the past three days without the need for DVR. DISH is also adding the ability to add on additional channel packs at a cost of $5 extra per month on top of the regular $20 price. The service will support local WiFi or mobile broadband internet connections, so if you have a big enough data package you can stream all the content that Sling TV will offer.