CyanogenMod For Android One Officially Announced And CM Build Upgraded From Experimental To Nightly

In terms of CyanogenMod, the news has been quite slow recently. Especially when you consider how busy the news has been for Cyanogen and their 'other' operating system, Cyanogen OS. That said, the last week or so has seen significant movement on the community-focused CyanogenMod front. One week ago, the CyanogenMod team launched their official Android 5.0 (Lollipop) ROM in the form of CM12. Unofficial variants of CM12 have been available for some time, but this marked the beginning of the official version. Although, their take on Lollipop was unveiled, it was only released in a nightly form. For those that don't know means they are rather experimental and not currently considered 'stable'.

During the official release post from CyanogenMod, the posting did announce that additional devices will be added to the list in due course. This is exactly what happened when a couple of days after the initial announcements, the CM team also added support for the Nexus 6 and LG G3 international variant. At the time, another interesting addition popped up on the CM download page in the way of Android One. A CM build for Android One was also made available, although this was listed as 'Experimental'. Now, it is worth noting that although nightlies are considered to be experimental, that is not the same as CM listing a download as 'Experimental'. In this situation, a CM Experimental is exactly that. It is more experimental than a nightly.

Well, a few days have since passed and two major developments have occurred today. The first is that a short while ago CM announced Android One as joining the official CM family. In addition to the formal welcoming of Android One, the CM blog also explained that this is the first time CM has officially supported a MediaTek powered device(s). Following on from this and the second main event that occurred tonight is that a new download has now gone live on the CM download page for Android One. This one (confirming the announcement) shows the build stage moving on from 'Experimental to 'Nightly' and as such marks the first ever official CyanogenMod nightly for Android One.

If you are using an Android One device and fancy giving the new nightly a try then you need to be aware that it is CM11, which is Android 4.4 (KitKat). The Blog post does explain that CM12 is in progress and these CM11 builds will be the standard for Android One (for now) going forward. In spite of these being referred to as nightlies, the announcement does also note that these builds will be updated on a weekly basis (every Sunday). As we learned the other day, the CM codename for Android One is 'sprout' and if you want to give CM11 a try then click here to head over to the sprout download page and look for the one at the top with the 'nightly' reference, dated January 12th. If you want to read the full CM blog then click the source link below.

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