Consumer Intelligence Research Partners' Data Tries To Show Apple Dominates Samsung In Activations

The Chicago-based Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, or CIRP, has released new information showing the number of devices activated between the fourth quarter of 2014. It shows that half of people questioned had activated an iPhone, with a quarter using a Samsung and the rest being spread over a number of different manufacturers: LG scored 11%, Motorola 4% with both HTC and Nokia scoring 2%. However, it is worth noting that the CIRP's survey consisted of just five hundred people. Five hundred in the context of the North American market is miniscule. Not to mention, the survey also includes used devices. The information is not entirely meaningless though as it does show the trend - people activate Apple, then Samsung products, with LG maintaining a strong third above "everybody else."

Still, CIRP have also said that 25% of Samsung users and 18% of LG users who activated a handset over the quarter have moved to the iPhone. It seems reasonable to suppose that now Apple have finally invented the larger screen smartphone, customers who had previously moved to other brands are moving back. This doesn't surprise me; the new market is broadly split between Android and iOS with a few percentage points dropped off the edge of the table being fought over by BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone and presumably Tizen OS. We've seen these market share figures ebb and flow depending on the launch cycle of Samsung and Apple; Apple are currently on the rise and will be until the second quarter, when Samsung's new flagship is likely to cause Android's market share to rise. This is one of the better demonstrations of how the market is influenced by the release cycle of a few manufacturers (and it's something that Project Ara may break).

Looking through the data, that just four people activated a HTC or Nokia device is disappointing. From the HTC perspective, the devices are way better than their lowly market share. From the Nokia / Windows Phone device... that seems perfectly legitimate. I did see somebody using a Microsoft Windows Phone handset on the bus the other morning, but it's a rare sight: I see way more people using HTC devices. How about our readers? When you go out in public, what devices do you see people using and does the table reflect this? Let us know in the comments below.

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