Chromecast Best Selling Streaming Stick Of 2014 And Cast Over A Billion Times Last Year


If you are in to your TV and movies then you will certainly have heard about Chromecast. In fact, a lot of you are probably already using the casting device. Even more in fact, you must be using it, as Google today announced that the little stick had been 'cast' over one billion times in 2014. A serious milestone for such a small device. The news of the massive amount of casting came from Google during their investor call. We have already heard today that the Search giant reported revenue in the region of $18.1 billion. Which in truth was slightly under what had been expected and predicted from analysts. That was also followed by the news today that Google had significantly under anticipated the demand for the Google Nexus 6. Well, following on from all of that, the information about Chromecast also came to light,

With so many casts being made from the tiny stick, it might not come as much of a surprise to also hear that Google announced that the Chrome Stick was the biggest selling streaming stick in the US in 2014. Again, a great feat for the small device. Specific details on how many units being sold were not provided. However, it was also announced that Chromecast had seen an increase in its usage of over 60% since the device launched. That is probably less of an achievement though. Since the device launched, there has been a massive increase in the number of compatible apps and as such you would expect an increase in usage to coincide like this.


That said, nothing should be taken away from what is obviously a great year for the Chromecast. If you have yet to get your hands on a Chromecast, then you really should give it a try. For $35, it is one of those must-have devices and you are likely to find a better option cheaper. That is, except when the Chromecast is on sale. You can pick the device up from the Play Store or at your local Best Buy including a number of other retailers. After all, one billion casts can't be wrong.

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