Check Out How Inbox By Gmail Has Been Doing Since Launch And Grab Your Free Invite Today

Back in October, you may remember Google launched a new email client dubbed Inbox by Gmail. At first, the speculation was that this might be being launched to take over from Gmail as Google's new main email client. However, Google were quick to rubbish those claims announcing this was far from the case. Instead, this was designed to run alongside Gmail in some capacity. That said, not everyone was able to try the new email client out. This was largely because you needed one of those pesky invites to be able to use Inbox. How, to get an invite? Simple! Be invited by someone who is already using the service or be invited directly by Google.

Well, its been a few months since Inbox launched and today Google decided to update everyone on how the client is doing. The update came in the form of the infographic (shown below) and makes for some interesting observations. Probably what is of most interest, is the spread of Inbox across platforms. It seems 70% of the time Inbox is being used from android devices, while 34% also use it from the web and 28% use from their iPhone. Following on from this, it also seems that 'bundles' (the ability to group emails together, introduced in Inbox) has also proved popular with 85% of users making use of the service. In terms of what is being bundled, 'promos' seem to be the most popular bundling group with 33% while 'updates' and 'forums' are also popular to bundle (20% and 14% respectively). Finally, 'social' was being bundled by 13% while 'other' represented 5% of bundling.

For those that have not yet had to opportunity to experience the benefits of Inbox and who are still waiting on an invite, then it is worth pointing out that in celebration of these figures, Google is offering free invites for the next 24 hours. If you do want one then all you have to do is email [email protected] before Friday (tomorrow) 9am PST. So, have you been using Inbox? What do you think of the service? is it better than Gmail? Will you be grabbing an invite today? Let us know your thoughts.

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