CES2015: Hands On With BRAVEN's New BRAVEN FUSE Bluetooth Portable Mixer


At CES, we get to see a whole bunch of things. Mots of them are as we expect while a few of them are a little bit different and not exactly for everyone's taste. Take the BRAVEN Fuse for instance. This is a portable mixer which was announced by BRAVEN this morning. Now, most average users might not find a specific reason to pick up a portable mixer but that said having one does make a lot of difference to your music listening experience.

The Fuse is a typical mixer in most respects, meaning that it can be used to mix down two audio sources together into a single stream. Alternatively it can be used to switch between songs using its standard crossfader. The mixer offers your typical high, mid and low control as well as volume control and a headphone in jack socket. However, what makes the Fuse all that bit better is that it is a wireless mixer using Bluetooth to connect to just about anything with Bluetooth. This means you can use the Fuse along with your smartphone, tablet or anything with Bluetooth. In a similar fashion, it can also connect to the outputs (speakers) with Bluetooth. So in short, this little fella can connect both in and out wirlessly offering users a true wire-free mixing experience.


Another one of the benefits is that it is portable as well. As you can see in our images the device is rather small and can therefore, be neatly carried with you when your party hits the road or a friends house. Not to mention the Fuse also comes with a built-in rechargeable 1200mAh battery. If you are looking for a real simple and hassle-free way to mix your tunes, then you should give the BRAVEN Fuse a go. If you do want to give the mixer a try then it will be available to pick up from Q2 of 2015 and priced at $99.

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