CES Rumor: LG Will Launch A WebOS Powered Smartwatch at MWC This Year

A few hours ago, some interesting rumours started surfacing about a new mysterious LG watch that had been spotted at CES. It was during the Audi press conference in which the unknown smartwatch was seen. In short the watch looked like a high-end watch which seemed to be running Android Wear and came with a leather strap. So it basically functioned like an Android Wear device but did not look like any Wear device known. As such, no one could confirm what it actually was. In fact, it was only presumed to be an LG device as Audi was in the process of announcing their partnership with LG on various Android Wear powered in-car systems.

Rewind, a few months back and there were plenty of rumors circulating that LG were working on a WebOS powered smartwatch. This was thought to be LG's attempt to offer a rival to Samsung and their Tizen smartwatch and maybe even an alternative to Wear. In fact, these were more than just rumors, as for awhile a page went live from LG which pretty much announced that they were working on the project. However, what really fuelled speculation was that shortly afterwards, the page was gone and the WebOS rumors subsequently subsided.

Well, the latest on this, is that Phonearena (source link below) have reported that they have it on "good authority" that LG are still working on a WebOS smartwatch and that it will actually debut in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year. Unfortunately, beyond the actual announcement that the smartwatch would be making an appearance at MWC, no further details were given about the watch. That said, after the brief spotting of the mystery LG smartwatch this morning, it just might be possible that this is indeed the WebOS LG watch. It was just assumed that the watch spotted this morning was running on Android Wear due to the swipe action being used. However, this could just as easily have been a WebOS smartwatch. So what do you think? Will LG finally offer a WebOS smartwatch? Do you want to see them launch one? Let us know.

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