CES 2015: Supertooth Announces their sub-$300 MultiRoom System

SuperTooth MultiroomSystem

Supertooth may not be the most recognizable company for audiophiles, but I have had the pleasure of reviewing a number of their products in the past. Including the Supertooth Disco Twins, Disco 4, and their Freedom Bluetooth headphones. Now they are at CES with a brand new product. This is their Multi-room system that is going for under $300. They are Bluetooth speakers that can stream to each other, and you can connect up to 5 speakers together. Which is quite nice, actually.

“SuperTooth’s goal was to deliver a package of multi-room speakers already pre-installed to make the experience seamless,” said Yves Le Reun, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “For $299, a three speaker set comes at the price of a single speaker from competitors, and since the initial connection is made via Bluetooth, users have far more versatility when streaming their music.”

With other systems like this that use WiFi, there’s typically a complicated setup process. But according to Supertooth, all you need to do is pair your smartphone with the base speaker, and it will automagically connect to all the other speakers that are connected to it. It’s using proprietary RF wireless technology.

Let’s take a moment to geek out here, man that sounds pretty awesome! Nick is at CES and will be stopping by their booth at some point this week, so hopefully we’ll have some hands on with their Multiroom system at some point this week.

They also have a Multiroom app for both iOS and Android, to help you connect more easily. Also you can go to http://multiroom-system.com/EN/ for more info on the Multiroom system and also buy your own. So the big question, pricing and availability. The three speaker set will be priced at $299, and the five-speaker set will be $480. They’ll be available in the second quarter of this year (that’s April-June). They’ll also be available in a slew of colors, including black wood/grey grid/black cloth or light oak wood/white grid/grey cloth.

These are some nice looking speakers and I’m looking forward to reviewing them in a few months. How many of you are interested in this Multiroom system from Supertooth?