CES 2015: Odds and Ends – What You Missed – Jan 5th


There's a ton of stuff going on at CES right now. There are some products that we didn't get a chance to cover, simply because there's too much there. Some of the smaller items – mostly the ones we wouldn't typically post on the site – are in this roundup. So let's get started.

The eGeeTouch is a Smart Lock for your Luggage



This is a pretty interesting product here from eGeeTouch. It's basically a smart lock that uses NFC. So you can touch a NFC tag to it or your phone and unlock it without needing to remember a password, or forgetting a key. Pretty neat, in my opinion.

A Milk Tracking Baby Bottle?


Yep. CES has it. What happens in Vegas….well this didn't stay in Vegas. This is from the same company that brought us the Food-tracking fork last year at CES. Yes that actually did happen and is available for those that want to buy one. This milk-tracking baby bottle is pretty simple, it tracks the amount of milk your baby is getting.


Garmin Announced three new smartwatches


Garmin, yes they are still around, also announced a few new smartwatches at CES this week. These are all aimed at Sports junkies and do not run on Android Wear, which is probably the only downside we can see at this point. Without actually getting hands on, it's tough to say what else.

HP Launches the Stream Mini



Think Microsoft isn't worried about Chrome OS? Take a look at the HP Stream and now the Stream Mini. Basically they are a Chromebook and a Chromebox but running on Windows 8.1. It's a pretty small box, and looks pretty nice as well.

The Parrot Pot and H2O will keep your Plants Alive

Always forget to water your plants? Well Parrot has aimed to fix that, with their Parrot Pot and H2O products. They will remind you to water your plants so they don't die. Yeah probably useless to most of us, but still a cool concept.

This Smart Camera Welcomes you when you come home



This is a pretty interesting smart camera here. It welcomes you when you arrive at home. Pretty cool, but probably useless as well. It'll also tell you when your family members arrive home.