Case Renders For HTC One M9 Appear Online Confirming Design From Previous Leaked Images

January 21, 2015 - Written By John Anon

As well as the Samsung Galaxy S6, there is another device which is seriously getting a lot of rumor and speculation attention at the moment. This is the latest flagship device being offered by HTC. You might currently know it as the ‘HTC One M9’. Or maybe it is more familiar to you as “hima”. Whichever name you most associate with the latest flagship from the Taiwanese company, the next HTC One device is stirring the rumor port massively. In fact, the rumor mill went into absolute overdrive a couple of days ago, when new leaked images appeared online of the device. Many were questioning the validity of the images and assuming them to be fake. This assumption was largely due to how similar the new One device looks to last year’s HTC One M8.

In spite of the apprehension to the images, within hours another report emerged seeming to confirm that a source (who had seen the device already) stated what they had seen, did look like those images. Of course, this does not officially confirm anything but continued reinforcement to the legitimacy of the images will go a long way. Well, if you are still doubting and want a little more proof, then it seems some images are now popping up of what are reportedly cases for the HTC One M9. The manufacturer of the cases is based out of Asia and the images highlight some interesting correlations with the original images from two days ago. Firstly, the more squarish shape of the camera on the back seems to be in line with the images, as well as what seems to be the removal of the secondary rear cameras sensor we saw on the One M8. Not to mention the dual-LED flash as well. In fact, the general build of the cases seem to marry up well with what we have seen in the images.

Again, this cannot confirm the likelihood of the leaked images being real and the current case images are only renders. That said, the information coming in does seem to be building towards an indication that the leaked images, at least, are similar to what we should expect from HTC’s latest flagship device. But what do you think? Is this a case for the One M9? Let us know your thoughts.