Canadians Spend 53-percent Of Their Time Online Via Mobile Devices

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The view of our internet landscape is slowly changing from the old permanent view from our Desktop/PCs to a new mobile view from our smartphones and tablets. We cannot discount the slow rise of Over-the-Top (OTT) devices such as a Smart TV, which I can see as one of our main internet focal points as software becomes better and more people own smart TVs. Gone are the days of sitting in front of your computer and perusing the internet – we simply grab our smartphones or tablets to look something up, especially younger people or more tech savvy users.

For now, the majority of internet usage belongs to our smartphones/tablets where 53-percent of Canadians, 18 years of age or older, use their mobile devices for internet access during their average of 27 hours and 49 minutes per week they spend on the internet, according to a new PHD Canada study. We already knew that Canadians spend a lot of time on Facebook, where 20 million Canadians use the social network every month with the majority of 16 million using their smartphones or tablets to connect to the website. This is one reason that Google and Facebook are working so hard on mobile advertising content. As displays become larger on smartphones – making it easier to read internet content – and as more tablets are sold, there are billions of dollars to be made and studies show that these numbers will only go up.

The numbers depend on age grouping – the 18-34 age group, called Millennials – used the digital media as much as 55-percent for their information and only 26-percent used TV, 16-percent used radio, and only 3-percent relied on paper media, such as newspapers or magazines. The over 18 crowd as a whole, not just Millennials, used digital media 35-percent, second to TV’s 37-percent, radio’s 23-percent, and 5-percent on paper media. This shows that the older people are still using TV as their number one source for media time, but even the older generation is succumbing to the mobile age. The Millennials spend about an hour more than adults of all ages with media, however, they spend more than 16 hours a week more using digital media.

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