BRAVEN Unveil Their New Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker The BRAVEN Balance


BRAVEN is fast becoming a go-to name for those that want audio equipment with modern flair and style but combined with highly functional and quality building. The company is still in its infancy (compared to other companies) seeing they were only formed in 2011. That said, BRAVEN have quickly established themselves at a uniquely positioned audio company within the portable speaker industry. Only yesterday, BRAVEN unveiled their latest home portable speaker, the BRAVEN 805 which combined style and function and came available in a number of colors to complement any room in your home.

Well, if you liked the look of the 805 but are more of an outdoors person, then today's offering might be far more up your street. Today BRAVEN announced the launch of another portable speaker, dubbed the 'BRAVEN Balance'. This Bluetooth speaker effectively sits at the opposite side of the market to the 805, as this one is purpose built for outdoor use. Of course, you still can use it inside, but it is designed with the sporty type in mind. As BRAVEN puts it, the BRAVERN Balance is "Perfect for fitness studios, on-the-court, in the locker room, or on the deck". Its portable design is aided by the speaker built with an anti-slip exterior, making sure the device won't drop when being carried. In addition, the speaker comes with an IPX5 waterproof rating, meaning it can handle the odd accidental spill. The Balance Bluetooth speaker combines bass optimization technology housed within a low profile and ultra-thin design. Typically, thin speakers are not ideal for producing low range bass frequencies but due to the BRAVEN technology inside, this speaker offers an excellent sound quality and level of bass.


If style matters (and lets face it, it does), then like the 805, the BRAVEN Balance is as stylish as it is functional. The speaker is available in six different colours including Raven, Alpine, Raspberry, Electric, Sunset, and Periwinkle. To make sure your tunes keep pumping, even during long workouts, the BRAVEN Balance comes equipped with a 4400mAh battery. Again, like the 805 the internal battery can be additionally used to power and charge your mobile devices when its battery is running low. If this sounds like something that might be of interest to you, then the BRAVEN Balance will be available from Q2 in 2015 and will be priced at the $149.99 marker. If you want to read about the Balance in more detail, then click here to head over to the BRAVEN website.

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