BRAVEN Announce The Launch Of The BRAVEN Fuse Wireless Bluetooth Audio Mixer

BRAVEN FUSE Lo 600x367

Well, CES has been running a few days now and we have already seen a number of announcements and releases. If you are into audio equipment then you might have seen a couple of days ago, that BRAVEN announced the release of two new speakers. The first was the BRAVEN 805 which is designed as a new and portable Bluetooth speaker for the home. The other newly announced offering was the BRAVEN balance. In contrast to the 805, the BRAVEN Balance was more geared towards the sporty and more adventurous users. The BRAVER Balance combines the portable ability of the 805, but with some additional on-the-go protective features like waterproof and an anti-slip exterior.

Well, if all that was enough for you audiophiles, then today BRAVEN have also announced the release of the BRAVEN Fuse. Unlike the previous two announcements, this one is not a portable speaker. That said, the BRAVEN Balance is designed to work with your portable speakers and especially if you are planning on a few parties in the near future. The BRAVEN Fuse is a wireless portable audio mixer. In short, this will suit all your DJ needs offering the ability to fade and mix multiple audio streams. If you are someone who likes mixing down and mashing up your songs, then you will love the Fuse. Like a standard audio mixer, the Fuse offers the ability to create custom tracks and splice songs from multiple devices. However, unlike the more traditional mixers, the Fuse is Bluetooth compatible and as such can receive the signal wirelessly from your digital devices. Not to mention if you have already picked up the Bluetooth speakers by BRAVEN, then you can also wirelessly connect to the speakers. That’s a wireless connection in and a wireless connection out. In terms of the actual tweaking ability, the Fuse offers onboard controls for your main (master) volume as well as your low (bass), mids (mid-range frequencies) and tops (tweeters), ensuring you really do balance your sound to the level you want. Need that bass pushing or those tops tweeting, then this will get the job done. As you would expect the device also comes with standard crossfader abilities and a headphone out socket to make sure that cued up song is perfectly mixed in.

To add to its highly usable wireless feature, the Fuse is also a very lightweight device ensuring the mixer is easy enough to take with you when the party leaves your place. To further add to its portable nature, the BRAVEN Fuse comes equipped with a built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery to make sure nothing stops the party going. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then the BRAVEN Fuse will be available from Q2 in 2015 and will be priced at the quite reasonable $99.99 marker. You can find out more about the BRAVEN Fuse by clicking here and heading over to the BRAVEN website.