The Branto Smart Orb Is The Home Assistant You've Always Wanted Now On Kickstarter

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I don’t know what it is about orbs, or spheres, or anything that can be considered a product that is shaped like them, but they just seem cool. Perhaps it’s my passion for things that look and feel futuristic, pulled straight out of a Sci-Fi flick or a cyberpunk themed video game. This brings me to the Branto Smart Orb, which is a new wireless telepresence assistant that aims to give you a little more security with a range of different features, not the least of which is the embedded 360 degree camera so you can monitor your home or business. When it comes to home security and management of your connected devices, no hub has ever looked this cool.

Obviously, one of Branto’s key features is the 360 degree camera. Utilizing the technology within Branto, you can see and hear everything in your home or place of business with the camera from all angles locally, and even remotely with the use of the companion app. It’s even equipped with Night Vision so you can still see anything going on even in the dark. The 360 monitoring is further enhanced with the motion sensors that are built in so the camera can be turned on whenever it senses unwanted movement.

As we already discussed, Branto has the capability to be controlled remotely via your smartphone, which makes it infinitely useful for monitoring your home or business on the go. It can also be used as a remote control for other connected devices in your home such as TV’s, home climate control, lights, you name it. If you have more than a few smart connected devices within the home, Branto can act as your remote control hub to manage them all. The camera can be used for more than just security monitoring. Thanks to the two built-in microphones, you can use Branto as a device for video conferencing too. It even has embedded speakers so you can stream your favorite music from your smartphone or tablet to the orb.

Branto Inc. is also boasting an easy setup for the device, only requiring you to go through a few easy steps to get everything running. Simply take it out of the box and plug it in, install the Branto app on your smartphone, enter your WiFi password, and then scan a QR code using the Branto’s camera and that’s it. The Branto is equipped with 16GB of internal storage, so you can keep any high-res images taken with the Branto camera. It’s also HD resolution and it supports WiFi 802.11ac. Branto also features a two-step authentification process similar to the two-step verification that Google uses, while also employing strong encryption standards for both transferred and stored data. The Branto is on Kickstarter right now starting at $319 which nets you an early bird version of the device, scheduled to be shipped out in September of this year.

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