Bracketron Announce The Launch Of The Either-Way EZCharge USB Charger For Your Vehicle


The following will sound like a very common problem to a lot of people as it is one which technically affects anyone who has a mobile phone or tablet. One of the recent changes in small electronic goods is the use of USB cables to power the devices. Now, compared to back in the day when each device came with its own dedicated power supply, charging devices has become much easier. This is especially if you are on the go as you no longer need to carry around a power supply bigger than your actual device. Not to mention when you visit other countries and find you need a different plug to fit the different sockets.

That said, as easy as USB leads have made life they come with one fundamental problem. They only fit one way round. Yep, a USB lead has one correct way to plug in and if you are trying to connect your device in the dark or just not looking, then this can be quite problematic. It is even more of an issue if you are in your vehicle, let alone far more dangerous. With that in mind, Bracketron today announced the release of their new EZCharge USB charger for your vehicle. This probably barely needs explaining, but for the sake of avoiding confusion, the EZCharge USB charger literally allows you to plug a USB lead in, any which way. While in your vehicle, the adapter allows direct connection either the right side up or upside-down without confusion. To add to its either way function, the EZCharge also comes with two USB sockets allowing direct connection to your vehicle's 12V port by multiple devices, allowing for charging of both devices at the same time. In addition, the charger is adaptable to ensure you get the best charge possible by offering a total dual 3.4A capacity. This means if your are changing your smartphone and tablet at the same time you can make sure your tablet receives a 1A charge while your tablet gets a 2.4A charge so they both charge effectively and pull the relative amount of current needed.

The EZ charge is also quite an attractive piece built with lightweight aluminum which ensures it is easy to take with you. The EZ Charge will be available in two colors (all-black or black with silver accents) and will cost a reasonable $12.99. The EZ Charge will be on show next week (starting January 6th) at CES 2015 in Las Vegas for those going and who want to check it out in person.

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