The Boss Phone Is A 7-Inch Smartphone Certified For TOR And It Has Dual-SIM Support

Be the Boss, get a smartphone to match. Introducing the Boss phone, a 7-inch behemoth smartphone that is literally like holding a Nexus 7 up to your face, but with the power of making and receiving phone calls. The Boss phone is currently going through an Indiegogo campaign right now attempting to receive funding to bring this monster of a device to market, and despite sounding like it might feel a little too big in the hand for most consumers, it actually sounds kind of cool. This isn't just another smartphone though, it seems to include a range of features that really makes it live up to the name.

Aside from the large 7-inch screen, the Boss phone also features dual-SIM support so it should be a great device for traveling and making it easy to insert a new SIM for the country you're traveling to, but it also comes unlocked, making that whole process even easier. Of course it runs Android, and if it becomes a reality the people behind the Boss phone are stating it will come packed with Android's latest and greatest, Android 5.0 Lollipop. It doesn't stop there though, the Boss phone is also apparently certified for TOR, so if you have a need for any type of anonymous browsing on the web or are just wanting something as secure as humanly possible, the Boss phone should be able to do the trick as TOR is the world's most secure network.

So what about the specs? The 7-inch display comes with a resolution of 1200 x 1920(Super HD), and the device is powered by a MediaTek Octacore Cortex A7 chipset. Since there is a focus on dual-SIM support and global use, the Boss phone is fully ready to support Global 4G LTE and 3G networks. The battery is 3,000mAh, which is stated to provide around 20 hours of battery life, but with a 7-inch screen we'd have to reserve judgement until that could be tested. The camera is where the phone becomes a little lacking, offering only an 8MP camera on the back, however the front facing camera is 2MP and that's pretty standard with most smartphones these days still. It even comes with a protective case that has a built-in stand so you can prop it up when needed. $355 Gets you the Boss phone at what seems like the normal cost, but if you're a first responder, you can grab it for $275 with an estimated delivery time of October of this year.

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