atHandTuner Puts A Guitar Tuner On Your Android Wear Smartwatch


If you’re a guitar player, you always have a tuner with you when you play. If you’re a musician that loves Android, you probably already have a tuner installed on your phone or tablet. Do you have one on your Android Wear watch, though? atHandTuner, or @HandTuner, is a new tuner on the Google Play Store that offers the same tuner functionality that you have on your phone, right on your smartwatch. There are a ton of tuners available on the Play Store, but I don’t know of very many that offer a Wear app. @HandTuner also works really well. Now you can tune your guitar even easier using your Android Wear watch.

The @HandTuner app listens to what you’re playing and helps you tune your strings. You can keep your watch on your wrist and tune your guitar by just glancing at your watch. It features a 44.1 kHz sample rate, wide frequency range, and it’s precise and responsive. You can use the tuner just with your smartphone, but if you have an Android Wear device you can tune your guitar using your watch instead of having to pull out the app on your phone every time. The app doesn’t offer much that other tuners don’t already offer, but the Android Wear integration is great and it’s included in the price.

The app also has a really cool clip-on mode that will rotate the screen so you can actually wrap your watch around the head of your guitar, like a clip-on tuner. It’s not necessary, but it’s a cool feature. I tested this out with my acoustic guitar and had no issues tuning up quickly and easily, both on my wrist and with my watch clipped on to my guitar. The tuner works well picking up alternate tunings, too, which is something I’ve had issues with when using other smartphone tuners. You can grab @HandTuner on the Play Store for $1.45 plus a few pennies tax. What tuner do you normally use on your phone? What kind of guitar(s) do you play? Drop us a line in the comments and let us know.