Animoca Launches New Action Filled RPG Title Called Moon Quest: Dungeons Dark

You may or may not be familiar with Animoca, but for the uninitiated, Animoca is the game publishing company behind recently released Astro Boy games that have hit Google Play last year. Today they're announcing the launch of a brand new game in the RPG genre, an action RPG titled Moon Quest: Dungeons Dark as a globally available title that is also free to play. This is a fantasy RPG setting where you'll encounter plenty of mythical creatures and enemies, with three playable character races, the werewolf, the vampire and the human. For the most part this is a single player RPG but there are some online elements at play.

You'll find everything from item and gear crafting to leveling up your chosen character for the application of new skills and abilities/attacks. The main hub of the game has you embarking on adventures from town to vanquish evil, and in town is where you can find the blacksmith for crafting weapons and armor, the magic shop for potion sales and crafting of costumes, and various other buildings with NPC characters that you can interact with and grab quests. There's even a handy little tutorial to help walk you through how to play and get the hang of things. No matter what character you choose of the three available races, each will have its perks. Humans have adaptability and resourcefulness, vampires have magical abilities and werewolves are immensely strong with powerful physical attacks.

While there are only three playable races at this time, each race has multiple unique classes they can evolve into with their own unique skills. The action in the game takes part in the dungeons you'll have to traverse and conquer to rid them of evil influence, but clearing them isn't without its rewards as you'll gain gold and item drops from the enemies you kill. All or most weapons and armor can be enhanced to up their attributes and you can even craft better gear as you progress through the game and level up. The game launched this morning and is available for download through the Play Store, so if you like RPG titles and are looking for something fun to play that won't cost you anything, give Moon quest: Dungeons Dark a try, you shouldn't be disappointed. Also check out the trailer below if you'd like to see it in action.

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