Android How-To: Use Google Now To Search For And Identify Songs

Google Now is a versatile little tool that we have at our disposal on our Android devices that has come quite a long way over the last few years since it was unveiled back in 2012. We can use it to ask questions and search for just about anything, and it now even searches for and identifies music so you can find what you're listening to in the Play Store. This used to be a completely separate feature via Google's Sound Search widget, which can still be placed on the home screen if you prefer the use of the widget, but you can also use Google Now to get this job done and it's actually quite easy.

First, to search for songs and identify the music you're listening to you'll want to get to Google Now(however it is that you personally access it whether it be through the search widget or by swiping up from the home button, or by swiping left on the home screen if you're using the Google Experience Launcher. Once you have Google Now's search feature open, tap the mic button and place the mic as close to the speaker where the song is playing as possible. After a few seconds if Google Now hears the music, a little blue music note button will pop up that will allow you to "listen for music." Tapping this will allow Google Now to begin to identify the song that is playing, and after another few seconds(5-10)it'll toss you back some results with a link to the Play Store to buy that particular song if you wish.

Now in the beginning of this article we mentioned you could access this right from the Sound Search widget if you like to keep that on your homescreen. Having this widget available also serves another purpose though. It allows you access to all the past history of the songs you've searched using Google Now. To access it, long press on your homescreen to add a widget. In most cases this will be pre-installed on a decent number of devices, if not, you can download and install it from the Play Store. Find and apply Sound Search and place anywhere on your homescreen that you like. From there you can do two things. Tap the "what's this song?" button, or to access your song search history tap on the clock on the right most part of the widget. Pressing this will bring up your history of past songs.

What if you listen to Play Music on the web? Well there's a way to access the sound search history there too, as Google Play Music takes the songs you've searched for and dumps it into a playlist. You'll have to open the Play Music web app and be signed in with your Google Account to access it, and you can find the list by jumping to this link where you'll find the play list. It appears that the list through the web app may take some time to update as it didn't list any of the songs I searched for this morning for the purpose of the screenshots I have shown below, nevertheless it works all the same and if you access your Play Music through the web this is a great way to see what songs you've searched for in the past. It's pretty difficult to find exactly where this link resides just by going to Play Music on the web and looking for it, but it is there. Our suggestion is just to bookmark the link we've provided for you here so you can jump right to it anytime you wish.

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