Android TV: How To Set Up Your Google Nexus Player


Last week we talked about the many ways you will be able to pick up Android TV in 2015. That said, the only way you can currently pick up Android TV today, is with Google's own Nexus Player. The Nexus Player is currently available through the Play Store and priced at $99.99. For this, you get the main Android TV box and the remote control. You can also pick up the accessory Asus Gamepad for those who want a more Android gaming experience. The Gamepad will set you back another $39.99. With this being the only Andoird TV unit currently available it is worth providing those who are thinking about picking up one (or who already may have) with a quick setup guide that you can reference back to when needed.

First up, there is no main power button on the Nexus Player and as such, once you connect the power to the Nexus Player, it will instantly boot up to the first main screen which is shown below. This is a slightly confusing start as the first thing you will need to do is pair the remote control. As the remote control is Bluetooth operated (and not infrared), it has to be connected before you can continue with the setup. To do this, simply hold down the back and home buttons together (as shown in the image below). Keep the two buttons held down for 5 seconds. After which, you will see the confirmation that the remote control is now paired.


Nexus Setup1

Immediately after the remote control is paired you will see a blue welcome screen pop up which will offer you the chance to set your language.

Nexus Setup4


After you have selected your language option, you will be redirected to the WiFi page. At which point, you should choose your local network. Once you have selected your network, you will of course, have to type in your network password to connect. You will have to do this with your remote control which is  a little time-consuming.

Nexus Setup3

As soon as your Nexus Player connects to your local network you will see a "connecting to Google" page briefly pop up and this will be followed by the Nexus Player downloading the necessary files. Depending on when you buy your Nexus Player will determine how much it needs to download. As you can see in the image below, on this occasion the Nexus Player immediately began downloading the Android 5.0 (Lollipop) update. This process will take a couple of minutes to complete.


Nexus Setup6

Once the files have downloaded you will see a brief black Google logo boot animation which will be followed by a familair looking Android installing icon and the downloaded files will begin the installation process.

Nexus Setup7


Once the installation has finished you will again briefly see the Google boot animation logo show up and then this will be followed by the Nexus boot animation. Lastly, this will be followed by an android boot animation as shown below.

Nexus Setup7-2

Now that all the files have been downloaded and installed and your Nexus Player is up-to-date, you will be greeted with a very familiar screen. The "Sign in to Google" screen. Although, slightly different to what we normally experience on a mobile device you will see two options on the right-hand side of the screen. The first will be "Use your phone or Laptop" with the second option being "Use your password".


Nexus Setup8

The password option is rather self-explanatory and will take you to the Google sign in page where you enter your Google ID and password and the device will connect. However, the phone and laptop option takes a bit more explaining and so we will go down this route. Once you click on the phone and laptop option you will see the page change to a blue screen which reads "Retrieving Pin". After a few seconds, the screen will change to another blue screen displaying a web address and a numerical pin.

Nexus Setup9


Once you use your phone or laptop to head over to the instructed web address you will see a Google page where all you have to do is type in the numerical code shown on your TV screen


Once, the code is entered you will see a 'connected to' message and you will need to press 'Continue' on your phone or laptop.



Finally, you will see your Google account sign-in show up and all you have to do is press "Sing In" and let your phone sign in for you

Once your phone has connected, back on your TV screen you will see a connected confirmation message show up. This will be followed by a Google terms and conditions page which you will need to click on "Continue" to accept the conditions.

Nexus Setup11

This will be followed by the option to opt in or out of location services. It does not matter whether you do or not, so select whichever option you feel comfortable with.

Nexus Setup12

…finally, you will see a 'Setup is complete' page

Nexus Setup13

…and you are done. Welcome to Android TV

Android TV AH2