Android How-To: Remedy Nexus 6 MMS Issues

If you happen to be one of the proud, the few, the Nexus 6 owners, then you must seriously be enjoying the size and power of the thing.  You may also have noticed that, if you use a certain carrier for service, and use the new addition to Google's app family Google Messenger, you'll have had some problems with the multimedia message service (MMS) that you normally can use just fine.  We've got some tricks for you to try to alleviate the issue, so if you have the issue stick around to see how to fix it.

First, the issue isn't with all carriers, but it is due to Google Messenger explicitly.  The app seems to have trouble using the correct access point names (APNs) to make the functionality work.  And the new Messenger app has also been reportedly causing folks with Lollipop, regardless of on a Nexus 6, Nexus 5, or Nexus 4.  it should also be noted that this issue is likely separate from the Sprint Nexus 6's issues with MMS.

Now, with this kind of issue, it is mostly or completely Google Messenger to blame and consider the problem/  So, to fix the problem, the easy fix is to use a different SMS app, like Hangouts, EvolveSMS, or others since there are many options.  This seems easy and a goes-without-saying solution, but it's still worth noting.

There's also the option to go in manually set which APNs that Messenger can user.   To do so, you'll have to into Settings, to the Wireless & Networks menu, go to more, then Mobile Networks, and finally to Access point names.  From there, you'll want delete any that aren't your carrier's.  For example, if you are with EE in the UK, which is one of the carriers whose aPNs have been problematic in these situations, you'd want to only keep "EE Internet" and "EE MMS", and delete the rest.  This should help by limiting the choices for which carrier connection(s) Messenger has to try to send an MMS.

This issue is luckily an easily-fixed one, seemingly only requiring some fixes by Google in the Messenger code to make sure APNs are used correctly, as compared to the physical defects and problems arising with the Nexus 6's back cover.  What issues have you come across with your Nexus 6, or Lollipop-clad Nexus device in general?  Did we help fix the MMS issue for you, or are you already one of the likely-many that has just ditched Google's Messenger for the time being?  Let us know down below.

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