Android Headliner: Closing the Glass Explorers Program Isn't the Death of Glass


Glass has kinda faded into the background, until the past couple of days. And that's because of Android Wear. Google basically dropped – or it seemed like they did – Glass in favor of Android Wear. Which was much, much more affordable, and seemed to have a much better experience for users. However, on Thursday, Google announced that Tony Fadell who is in charge of Nest, was going to be taking over for Glass. But not really. Basically, Fadell is still in charge of Nest, and Glass' current head is still in charge, she just reports to Fadell now.

Google also announced that the Explorer program was ending on January 19th, and that Glass had graduated from the Experimental labs and is going to be it's own branch inside the company. Which means, no Glass is not dead. Glass may never be as popular as Android, or Android Wear due to its natural ability to make people uncomfortable. But it does have a purpose, and I think it's great for doctors, and even coaches on the sideline. Because you get a great view of surgeries and games, respectively. In the medical field, it would be a great teaching tool for teaching hospitals, as they can watch exactly what the doctor that is performing the surgery sees.


So what's next for Glass? Well now that it's no longer part of Google X, we'll likely see some new hardware come out later this year, if not next year. Remember, Tony Fadell is the mastermind behind the original iPod from Apple, and Nest thermostat doesn't look to bad either. So he has plenty of hardware experience, so we could see an even sleeker model of Glass coming soon. However, that takes time. And I wouldn't expect to see it until at least next year or later. I also think we'll see a huge drop in price on the Play Store. Remember the $1500 was for the opportunity to help beta test the product. Google said over and over again that was not going to be the price when it's out of beta and available to the public. What the price will be, we don't know. But I'm hoping it'll be around the $500 mark.

Those of you that were Glass Explorers out there, head to the comments down below and let us know what you thought about the Explorers program, and also let us know where you think the Glass program is going from here. Do you think it's dead? Do you think it'll be available to everyone later this year (Remember Google I/O is just a few months away now)? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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