Android Game Of The Week: Kingdom Rush Origins

Some of you may be familiar with the Kingdom Rush series of games from Ironhide Studios, and their latest title to date which came out in the second half of 2014, is Kingdom Rush Origins. In this latest tower defense game in the Kingdom Rush franchise,(also the third installment)you'll find yourself back in the beginning of the epic Kingdom Rush saga as Origins takes place as a prequel to the other two games. The same things you may have loved about the first two games is here, plus tons of intense tower defense action to get addicted to and enjoy.

In Kingdom Rush Origins there are brand new towers to build, new troops to send into battle and new enemies you'll need to defend against if you're going to ever keep the kingdom safe from evil. Unleash the epic and devastating power of the mages, elven archers, stone druids, and infantry towers, and once you reach a certain point in the game you'll be able to upgrade your towers throughout the waves of attacks. Things start off with a few towers at the level 1 stage and you'll be given the opportunity to unlock higher level tower upgrades during regular game progression.

We mentioned new enemy types, and we weren't kidding. There are 30 new enemy types to deal with like powerful warlock like creatures which can deal out massive magic damage and silence your magic plants as a defensive ability, however they walk slow so you have a good chance at taking them down before they reach your base as long as you place towers strategically. There are also other enemies like giant spiders and the Twilight Army which have the ability to teleport past your attacks. This is of course is a Kingdom Rush game, so you'll have access to 9 legendary heroes which you can utilize in game as extra defenses. The heroes have special attack abilities like a volley of arrows but each ability has a cooldown timer so you'll want to use the abilities wisely. The first couple of heroes are free through unlocks, after that the other, more powerful heroes are in-app-purchases. There are also three different game modes to test your might and skill, with Classic, Iron, and Heroic for the truly courageous. Origins also includes Google Play Games services like leaderboards and achievements, which are always a big plus. If you like tower defense games, this is one you absolutely should not miss.

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