Android Game Of The Week: Gunslugs 2

Orangepixel is back with their sequel to the popular Gunslugs action/platformer title with Gunslugs 2. They were scheduled to launch this game yesterday but it ended up showing up on the Play Store a bit earlier the night before. If you enjoyed the original Gunslugs with all the retro action in this homage to the 16-bit era of video games, then you should definitely check out Gunslugs 2. There's plenty of humorous banter mixed with loads of explosions and bullets flying everywhere as you run and gun your way through each stage.

If you follow the story mode which is all you'll be able to play in the beginning as arcade mode is locked, you'll be attempting to stop the maniacal plans of the black duck army who are once again on the rise and trying to cause mayhem. They apparently want to take over the galaxy, but your job is to stop them from carrying out their plans. It won't be easy, but that why they send you in. You're the best there is.

There are seven worlds to play through each with 8 levels per world, and each level is loaded with action and crazy enemies trying to shoot you down. Right from the start it felt like Gunslugs 2 was a bit challenging, and I'm not sure whether this was due to the controls just feeling that way or if the gameplay itself is just a little challenging. Either way it wasn't extremely easy which was a nice thing to see. It made me feel like I was having to work a little bit for the reward of completing a level. You start off able to play as two different characters, although as you progress more playable characters will unlock. If you can reach the end of each level, which shouldn't be hard if you're pumping enough bullets into your foes, you'll be greeted by bosses of epic proportions that won't feel like a pushover. The gameplay keeps at a pretty fast pace, it's chaotic just as Orangepixel explains, and it's actually pretty fun, we just hope they decide to add gamepad support. You can pick it up in the Play Store for $3.15 if you're feeling adventurous.

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