Android Game Of The Week: Crossy Road

Who says that free-to-play games can't be massive amounts of fun? Naysayers, that's who. Crossy Road is a fine example of a free-to-play title which gives the gamer huge amounts of fun at no cost(although it does offer IAP's for unlockable characters if you wish)and it can provide you with hours of addictive enjoyment. Crossy Road is making its debut on Android this week after having been launched on iOS for some time, and we're glad it's finally here to join the party because this is a game that shouldn't be missed.

It's not gonna bog you down with tons of text and in-depth stories. There's no character engagement, other than tapping on the screen to direct them to the next place to move to, and that's OK. Stories and context are great in games. They make things feel immersive and it's wonderful. You don't always have time for games like that though and sometimes you really just need something to help you pass the time for 5 or 10 minutes. Crossy Road is excellent for this. You start the game off as a chicken and your only goal is to help it cross the road, then another one, then another one, then maybe some train tracks and maybe a raging river or two. It all depends as the levels seem to randomly generated which is great, because it means things will stay a little challenging.

Once you begin playing, try to see how long you can keep your character crossing roads and rivers without getting hit by cars and trucks, missing the logs or lillypads, or picked up from an eagle flying by if you let the screen catch up to your position. Once this happens you'll have to start all over. There are multiple characters to unlock and collect. You can collect over 50 characters in all with more coming through updates in the future. There are also timed free gift giveaways that happen throughout the game where you can receive cool in game items. At this point I have only gotten coins, but I suspect you can get characters too. With the coins you can choose to "win a prize," which you can unlock characters from. You can also sign into Google Play for achievements and leaderboards, and basically just hop forever until you're sick of it. Which probably won't happen unless you play for it 5 hours straight. You can grab Crossy Road from the Play Store if you're up for some nostalgic Frogger like adventures.

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