Android Game News Weekly Jan. 25th: Dungeon Hunter V, Dragon Quest V, Game of Thrones, Blood Brothers 2, Humble Mobile Bundle 10 And More!


Dungeon Hunter V Dev Diary Shows Off GameplayDungeon Hunter V

The next title in the famed Dungeon Hunter series, Dungeon Hunter V, was shown off this week by Gameloft in a developer diary video which discussed some of the game's new and upcoming, never before seen features inside of Dungeon Hunter. Players and fans of the series of action RPG dungeon crawlers will of course get access to new and exciting loot, but even more exciting is that Gameloft is adding a new multiplayer element to the game allowing players to create and evolve their own Dungeon, where you can insert your own minions, traps, and bosses. Players will be able to raid dungeons of other players to steal gold, but only after defeating the other player at the end of their dungeon will they receive their reward. Gameloft is also adding a new fusion/evolve system to evolve your loot by fusing gear together. Dungeon Hunter V will be a direct sequel to Dungeon Hunter IV, and is slated for release later this year.

Square Enix Releases Dragon Quest V Onto AndroidDragon Quest V

The next game in the Dragon Quest series was released onto Google Play last week, Dragon Quest V: Hand of The Heavenly Bride. Just like all the other Dragon Quest games in the series that are already on the Play Store, controls have been optimized for mobile devices, which to anyone that has never played one of the Dragon Quest games on mobile before, means that the game is played in portrait mode with a d-pad right in the center near the bottom of the screen. Classic graphics have been kept intact which includes 360 degree views of the environments. You can also set your party members to battle automatically so you don't have to plot out their moves thanks to the AI battle system. Dragon Quest V is one epic RPG with hours of gameplay, and picking it up will cost you $14.99.


Game of Thrones Episode 2 Hits Android Next MonthGame Of Thrones-1

The second episode in Telltale Games epic Game of Thrones episodic series will be releasing onto Android next month, so if you've already beaten the first episode or are already heavily invested into it, you'll be able to continue the journey soon. Game of Thrones The Lost Lords follows the stories of Jon Snow's bastard son Gared Tuttle, and Mira Forrester from House Forrester. When the second episode drops you can expect it to cost $4.99 all by its lonesome, but you'll also be able to pick up the season pass which costs $15 for all available episodes and any future episodes released.It's scheduled to hit Android on Feb. 5th so you won't have to wait long.


Blood Brothers 2 Launches On Android10866222_1523735001233913_528179722470217452_o

Dena Corp. launched the sequel to their popular Blood Brothers game just last week, so if you like strategic RPG titles be sure to give Blood Brothers 2 a look. In Blood Brothers 2 you can customize your weaponry and get ready for battle, then face off against your foes and convince them to join your cause by using force and capturing them. Or, you can use your diplomacy skills and attempt to sway their decisions peacefully. The game also features quests and battles you can engage in with legendary characters, and you can create a completely deadly army and battle against your friends.

Humble Mobile Bundle 10 Brings 6 Exciting Games For CheapHumble Mobile Bundle 10

The latest Humble Mobile Bundle is here with Humble Mobile Bundle 10. As always with humble bundles, you can pay what you want for awesome games, but if you choose to pay the average you'll unlock certain games you wouldn't have access to otherwise. Plus, you get access to any future games added to the bundle. Right now you can pay what you want for Buddy and Me, Lyne, and Doodle Kingdom, or you can pay the average amount which is currently $3.90, and by doing so you'll also unlock Sorcery! 2, King of Dragon Pass, and OTTTD plus any future games that get added to the bundle before it's over. You have just over a week left to get in on this bundle so if you love games and love snagging them for great deals even more, you can head to the Humble Bundle link and pick up the bundle of games at a low cost. As always a portion of your costs go to charity, so not only do you get awesome games for cheap, but you help a good cause.


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