Android Audio Weekly: How Do You Get Your Tunes?

January 16, 2015 - Written By Tom Dawson

Starting from today, we’re going to run our ‘Android Audio’ weekly feature and as you’ve guessed, one of the Editors here at Android Headlines will be covering something audio related, as well as Android related. It could be a new music player, an audio mod for your smartphone or tablet, a focus on a cool new speaker or pair of headphones, an editorial piece or something else entirely. We’re trying something new here and we’d appreciate your feedback! We all love listening to music at Android Headlines, and more than a few of us get excited at the sign of fancy headphones and audio equipment, and we’d like to share that with you; our readers.

To start things off, I’m going to be asking you all how you prefer to get your music, be it streaming, downloading, CDs or even Vinyl to MP3. These days there are a whole bunch of options, including lossless options from Tidal and Qobuz. For me, I prefer Google Play Music’s All Access option, it sounds good (even though it’s “only” 320kbps) and it has a vast selection available. I like having the ability to add music to a library that feels personal, and being able to upload my own files is a nice way of feeling in the few gaps I come across. I know friends that swear by Spotify and a few that can’t let go of iTunes, so let me know which service or method you guys like the best.

I’m going to be using a Google+ Poll for this, because I’d like to connect with our readers and Google+ is where we see the most interaction with you all. Sadly, I can’t embed these polls just yet (good work, Google) so I’ll be linking to the poll here. There’s also only five choices available to me with Google+, so please add a comment with a service or method that isn’t listed! I’d also really appreciate some feedback for things to focus on in future weeks, I have some fun ideas of things to cover, but what do you want to know about? Would you like to see more hardware reviews like portable amps, headphones and speakers? How about a closer look at the best offline music apps or audio mods? Let me know on Google+ and down below!