Android App Updates for Jan. 9th, 2015: WhatsApp, WordPress, Line, and More


WhatsApp Users Sending over 3 billion messages per day

AH whatsapp 1.0

Not so much an app update, but this week, WhatsApp announced that they have over 700 million users, and those 700 million users are sending over 3 billion messages per day. That's a whole lot of messages. WhatsApp is hugely popular, especially in smaller countries with slower internet. And that's probably why Mark Zuckerberg decided to buy them last year.

WordPress for Android Goes Material



For those that actually use the WordPress app on Android, you'll know that it's pretty much sucked over the past few years. The design was pretty terrible and it only worked part of the time. Well Automattic has been working on that lately and they have also improved the design and user experience of the app. It's now gone full material design. Which is great for those of us that love material design.

Line Launches a new app


This week, Line decided it was time to launch a new app. And they did just that. They launched a new app for tagging and public sharing of stickers. It's called Line Stickers, it has over a million stickers already included. This is yet another app from Line, as we already have their Taxi app for Tokyo. Line is huge over in Asia, here in the US and North America most of us have never heard of Line, unfortunately.


QuickPic 4.0 Leaves Beta


Finally, v4.0 of QuickPic has left beta. It brings all kinds of improvements like Faster folder scanning, Google account login via Play Services, Photo Sphere support, and Ability to sort folders by file size. It's available for download in the Play Store right now.