Android App Updates for Jan. 30th, 2014: Z Launcher, Walkman, Hotel Tonight and More!


Z Launcher Beta Gets updated

This week, Nokia's Z Launcher got a nice update to the beta. It brings in icon pack support and UI improvements. So now you are able to use your favorite icon pack with the Z Launcher. Which is actually a really great idea, and feature.

Sony Updates their Walkman App

Screenshot 2015-01-30 09.49.53


Sony also sent out an update to their Walkman app, that appears on all of their smartphones and tablets. It brings in material design, and boy does it look nice! Thanks to Xperia Blog for the heads up on this one.

Hotel Tonight gets updated


Hotel Tonight is another app that got updated. Bringing more features to their Android app. It brings Bonus Rate and Rate Drop to your app, so now you can get the best possible rate on a hotel room at the last minute. Which is always a great feature to have. Currently, Bonus Rate is only available in these cities:


"NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Baltimore, Chicago, San Diego, DC, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Orlando, Palm Springs, Seattle, Orange County, Dallas, Tampa Bay, Monterey, London, Paris"

Jotterpad goes Material in latest Update

Screenshot 2015-01-30 09.54.20

Some of you may use Jotterpad, some may not. But either way it just got a very sexy update. Jotterpad got updated to version 11 and it brings material design with it. But that's not all that's new in this update, lets check out the changelog:

* New material look!
* New Markdown (CommonMark) parser^
* New Research: dict, thesaurus^ & rhyme^
* Added typewriter mode^
* "Versions" is now "Snapshots"
* New Typeface: Ideal Sans, PT Serif
* Allow custom fonts^
* Able to handle true italic
* Able to handle larger text file
* Added "Save as"
* Added more print options
* Export to RTF
* Export to DOCX^
* And many other minor bug fixes