Amazon Prime Membership On Sale This Saturday For $72


Amazon Prime is a really neat service by Amazon. It is one of those one-stop services where you get a whole bunch of sub-services for one low subscription. Probably, one of the most popular of the included features is their own Netflix-like service, Amazon Instant Video. Here you can watch for free from a decent selection back catalogue. Not to mention you can also buy more latest movie and TV offerings (although you don't need to be a prime member for that). Similarly, you also get access to Amazon Prime Music which as the name suggests is kinda similar to Google Play Music offering the ability to listen for free to a variety of sogns and options. On top of that, you also get Amazon Prime Photo support, Amazon Prime Elements and Amazon Prime Pantry (select essentials to select US areas).

That said, one of the main reasons people first opt for Amazon Prime membership is simply Free Prime Shipping. Being the world's largest online retailer, a number of us order from Amazon on a monthly, if not weekly (some even daily) basis. So, with free Amazon 2 day guaranteed shipping, this feature alone typically sells Prime. With the other benefits thrown in as well, just makes it all that sweeter. That's probably why it was recently reported that as many as ten million people signed up for Prime over the holiday season.


Typically, Prime membership is up for $99 bucks for a yearly subscription. Which is not bad when you factor in the monthly cost of roundabout $8. When you compare that to the likes of Netflix which is the same cost but with all the other Amazon benefits then it is a sweet deal. Well, that deal just got a whole lot sweeter. This Saturday and in celebration of the 72nd Golden Globe Awards in the US, Amazon is dropping the price of Prime to $72. See what they did there. That works out to be over a 25% discount off of the normal price. To be clear, that works out for Prime membership (with all the perks including Prime shipping) for a rock bottom $6 a month. That kind of price is hard to argue with.

Are there any catches? Well, no not really. The only one we can see is that you have to purchase the Prime membership on Saturday and it looks like you have the full US day to do it. The sale begins 12.01am ET time and ends 11.59pm PST time. If you do want to give it a go then hit up the link below but make sure you wait until Saturday before you purchase via the link.

Amazon Prime Membership for $72

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