AH Tech Talk: President Obama Lays Out Cyber Security Protection Plans For Businesses And Government


Cyber security is something that is perhaps more of a real threat than some people are willing to admit or recognize, but after the recent Sony Pictures Entertainment hack in regards to the movie The Interview, and the hacks that took place on multiple retailers last year as well as Snapchat, it's beginning to appear to people that cyber attacks are prominent now more than ever and that something needs to be done about it. President Obama today spoke out about his future proposal for plans to protect businesses and government from cyber attacks, something that while not directly targeted at keeping the private data of the citizens safe, in the long run if businesses and government are protected, then it will be harder for people to get a hold of data about citizens held within business and government data centers.

Obama's plan involves a formed network of industry businesses and government agencies which can all share information on cyber security. Businesses for example could share cyber security information with the Department of Homeland Security's cyber security center, and they would share it with other government agencies and industry groups included in the network, which would then grant the businesses who initially shared the information what is called "targeted liability protection." The one requirement it seems is that businesses would have had to take the appropriate measures to ensure the protection of personal data belonging to consumers.


In addition to proposing plans to bolster the strength of cyber security, Obama is also proposing that the sale of "botnets" which are networks formed solely for carrying out cyber attacks, be liable to prosecution. Perhaps more importantly though, Obama wants to criminalize the act of overseas sales of personal data from credit cards and bank account information, which given the data breaches at places like Target, Home Depot, Wells Fargo, and other businesses in 2014, seems like a priority matter that should be taken into consideration by Congress. Since much of our personal information can be found on our smartphones these days, including bank account info and credit card info, this is something that can affect a large portion of smartphone users, perhaps making their information a little more secure. These new proposals appear linked to Obama's push for companies to be more upfront about data breaches, and are giving companies more of a reason to be forthcoming with these types of cyber attacks since they would be protected from liability should something happen in the future.

Companies like Google and Apple of course who develop these mobile operating systems, are doing their part to keep your data safe through the encryption of data held on devices running the newest version of the two OS's. That of course doesn't stop those committing cyber attacks from gaining your information at the root level, which lies with the business and government establishments Obama wants to protect.

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