AH Primetime: Xiaomi and Meizu Fans Are Almost a Mirror Image of Apple's, And the West has No Idea


Let's talk about fanboys, or fanboyism for a minute. Here in the US (I'm sure it's more than just the US though), we know for sure that Apple fans and Samsung fans can be pretty – let's say annoying. With their die-hard mentality, and how Samsung and Apple can do no wrong. Well, over in China and parts of Europe, it's just as bad with Meizu and Xiaomi. Xiaomi more than Meizu though. The Business Insider put up an interesting post recently about how Xiaomi's fanbase is over in Asia. And I can actually talk about this first hand, as I've been to Beijing and have been to two Meizu events. And I can definitely say, their fans are insane. I can't speak for Xiaomi, but for Meizu, they are insanely in love with the manufacturer.

Let's talk about Meizu specifically here. At their smartphone launch events, they invite a ton of Meizu fans. I mean a ton. There's about 100-300 press there, and over a thousand Meizu fans. For their M1 Note launch event, there was close to 1500 fans there in attendance. And anything Meizu says on stage, the audience just loves it. Now the presentation was in Mandarin, so I didn't know exactly what was going on, but we did have english translation there which made it much easier. Comparing a Meizu event to one from Sony, or HTC, or Verizon or even Motorola, Meizu events are completely different. And it's the same for Xiaomi, but probably more insane. In fact, they have to have security and police on sight to make sure the crowds don't get too rowdy. Never have I seen that at another OEM's launch event.


Meizu is one of the more popular OEMs over in China. They make great devices like the MX4, MX4 Pro, and now the M1 Note. Xiaomi does as well, however, they sell their phones dirt cheap. They only made about $12 billion in profit last year, and in under a year the value of their company went from under $10 billion to over $45 billion. Insane.

Both Meizu and Xiaomi fans are very devoted to their favorite company. Whether it be the Mi-Fans for Xiaomi or Meizu's fans. It's like Apple and it's fans or even Samsung and theirs. Apple hasn't really had to compete with a company that is almost a mirror image of itself. Xiaomi is closer to a copy of Apple then Meizu is, but with their fan base, it's pretty close. Neither one of these have really launched in the west yet, or really into the America's to be specific. But when they do, it's going to be interesting to see how Apple reacts. Especially since the Xiaomi Mi4 and MIUI is almost an exact copy of the iPhone and iOS.

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