AH Awards 2014: Best Simulation Game Of The Year

Simulation games may not quite be real life, but they can simulate real life situations to the best of their ability whether that be your real life or the awkward, yet oddly adventure filled life of a goat. Simulation games have been around since as far as I can remember. I still remember playing Flight Simulator in the 6th grade as a kid in computer class. Yes sim games have been a popular part of the gaming industry for years and even though there have been some.. questionable ones, there are some really great ones out there that have caught our attention and we want to share them with you. Check our picks for the best Simulation game of the year.

Winner: Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator was without a doubt one of the smash hit games released this year. Many people might wonder why, that is until they play it for themselves. The hilarity that ensues from the misadventures of a simulated goat is really too good to pass up, and part of the awesomeness is all thanks to the bugs that developers deliberately left in the game which have led to some funny moments. The devs state that they had eliminated the crash bugs only because all the other bugs are hilarious and they're keeping them. Thus you come across some side splitting glitches. As you simulate goat in the game you can wrack up points for destroying things, the more destruction the better. That's really all there is to the features, but it's still awesome and you should check it out.

Runner Up: Godus

Godus is all about you playing god and creating some pretty magical and awesome looking worlds. You start off with two devoted followers and you can watch them as their lives flourish, or perish depending on certain factors. You can cast beautiful and destructive miracles, and nurture the growth of civilization into a fully simulated world. You can discover new people and explore plenty of new lands as your creation progresses through the ages. You are god. Sculpt everything, then help it grow or tear it down. It's your decision.

Honorable Mention:

Surgeon Simulator

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