$549 Will Get You A Saygus V2 So Long As You Register To Pre-Order The Device Before Feb. 2nd

For some smartphone users, storage is king and is the most important factor in choosing a new smartphone or mobile device. In this regard, the Saygus V2 is the king of the jungle as it's reported to come in with support for up to 320GB of storage total. This breaks down to 64GB of internal storage with the rest coming from expandable storage, but unlike any other device the Saygus V2 comes with two microSD card slots for expandable storage that each support up to a 128GB microSD card, totaling an extra 256GB of external storage space. This technically pales in comparison to the storage that can be had on the LG G Flex 2 which is listed as supporting up to a 2TB microSD card, but you'd be hard pressed to go past an additional 128GB with that device as no one at this time makes 2TB SD cards, making the Saygus V2 a device which can potentially store more than any other current device.

If all of this sounds awesome to you, you can still pre-order the Saygus V2 as the company has announced that they're extending the pre-order date up to February 2nd., all you need is $549 and a little bit of patience for the device to make its way to you. To be clear, this is just pre-order registration and the actual pre-orders don't begin until after registrations end. Saygus's website states that pre-orders are opening up soon though so we imagine the pre-orders will be fulfilled shortly after the 2nd. at some point.

If you happen to miss the pre-order registration, you'll have to pony up an additional $50 for a total of $599 to pick up the Saygus V2, which also sports a 21MP rear facing camera, wireless HD allowing users to stream whatever is on their phones display to a TV with a WiHD dongle from up to 40 feet away. Saygus is also boasting that the phone will be highly customizable and user programmable, and will come root access enabled and support multi-boot functionality, so this could be one to look out for if you love tweaking your device. It also carries a 13MP front facing camera and a fairly large capacity battery at 3,100mAh so it should last you all day long and then some. Anyone interested in the Saygus V2?

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