$5 a Month Will Get You Unlimited Text, Data and Voice on FreedomPop's WiFi Network


Let's face it, our monthly contract bills aren't exactly cheap these days, even if you the SIM-only route as I do, it's still fairly costly. There some great deals to be had out there of course, T-Mobile users in the States will attest to this. That's why FreedomPop is such an interesting service, it's not necessarily designed to replace your existing service from Sprint or AT&T, but it's much cheaper than anything else out there and it can also help you fill in the gaps and make the most of your existing wireless service. Now, FreedomPop is offering unlimited data, unlimited text and unlimited voice for just $5 a month through their WiFi network.

Right off the bat, "WiFi Network" doesn't fill you with confidence, and with 10 Million hotspots throughout the country, it's hardly everywhere. Still, the hotspots are often in many retail locations like Starbucks, McDonald's and shopping outlets. As such, you can use this $5 a month to save on your data plan, making that 5 or 8GB low-cost plan of yours run a little further for just 5 bucks a month on top. Even if you have an unlimited data package, you might still come across coverage black spots, and again, FreedomPop's WiFi network could help you out here.


In an interview with FreedomPop's CEO, TechCrunch managed to shed some more light on the service. Coverage wise, the initial 10 Million hotspots cover "approximately 120 million people and between 65% and 90% of the top 100 metros". That 10 Million hotspot figure is said to grow to a pretty sizable 25 Million strong hotspot by the end of Q1 2015 though, instantly making this a more attractive deal.

The full interview at TechCrunch is worth a read, especially if you're considering signing up, and FreedomPop have more info about their Nationwide WiFi Network here. It might not be stellar, but for an extra 5 bucks a month to help fill in the gaps, there's a lot of potential with FreedomPop's network.

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