YouTube Gets Updated To Version 6.0 With Material Design Style UI-APK Download

If you commonly use YouTube to browse through videos on your device then you, like me, have probably been waiting patiently for Google to push through the update that would bring it forward in the design department with latest update. Not just any design, but Material Design. Thanks to Android Police and their post with the updated apk, the latest YouTube update has touched down bringing in the bold colors and lively animations that can be seen throughout all of the other apps that already have the Material Design update. As for when this update will begin rolling out to devices over the air, that will probably take the next few days as per usual with this kind of thing.

What you'll immediately notice is the longer header with the bright red we've come to associate with YouTube, and the equally long header in the slide out menu where you can switch between accounts. There are likely some details we won't notice immediately after this update either, but we'll gloss over what is apparent and what most people will pick up on once they receive this update themselves, that is if they wait for it instead of grabbing the apk and installing it since we have it provided for you below. One glaring detail that has become one of our favorite parts of Lollipop and Material Design is the color changing aspects.

When you switch to different channels the header will alter itself to match the accent colors of that channel's header bar which certainly doesn't impact how the app itself runs, but it definitely makes for a far more appealing visual experience in the app and one that is pulled off really well here. If you were running any of the more recent Paranoid Android ROM versions from the last 4-5 months, you'd have noticed what this looks like thanks to their Dynamic System Bars feature of the ROM. The icons have changed now too, which might not catch some people's attention right away but Google has made their intentions clear as to how they want the icons within Lollipop and Material Design to look and now YouTube is uniform with that whole style. You can see this with the search icon as well as the three-dot menu and the slide out menu which no longer harbors the YouTube icon and is just the three lines. You also might find things easier to search for from within the app as Google has now enhanced the search filters. Feel free to leave us a comment on Google+ if you notice anything that we haven't picked up yet. If you want the apk you can grab it from this link.

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