XKCD Debuts Their 2014 Offering With The XKCD Phone 2 Complete With Coin Slot And Bug Drawer

XKCD, a popular webcomic that focuses heavily on the satire and sarcasm has released an update to their smartphone offering from last year, called the XKCD Phone 2. If you thought your smartphone had it all, (here's looking at you Samsung) XKCD is here to tell you that it doesn't, and they're here to entice you with all the important features that you just won't be able to live without once you see them. Blood/Oxygen sensors, fingerprint readers, who needs those when you have a coin slot on your phone? The XKCD Phone 2 features the most up to date coin slot for giving you that nostalgic feel of feeding quarters to your favorite arcade machines.

You'll fall in love with the always on speaker, and why shouldn't you? It's truly ahead of its time. It pales in comparison though to the bug drawer, because we all know how annoying it can be when things just won't work correctly because of an annoying bug. Thankfully with this device you can overcome bugs with ease, as you can simply just open up the bug drawer and do away with them, problem solved. Never feel alone again as the XKCD Phone 2 can always be there for you to give you that warm feeling of comfort thanks to the cheek toucher. It's not only your phone, it's your friend and a companion.

We've seen the awesome accessories to smartphones this year that can help you locate your phone if you misplace it around the home, usually connected to it through Bluetooth, but who needs those when the XKCD Phone 2 offers a feature where it cries when lost? It could also double as a way to annoy your friends or roommates, just lose the phone in their room on purpose and let it cry for hours. Still not impressed? Behold! The MaxHD screen with over 350 pixels per screen is sure to blow away your friends and family to the point that will make them second guess everything they thought they knew about high-resolution displays. So, how much does this phone cost? Well, it's free of course, because it's fake. It will however cost you a couple of laughs, unless you don't have a sense of humor.

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