Xiaomi's Mysterious Handset Poses For The Camera


Xiaomi has had an extremely successful year, despite some issues that they have to deal with at the moment. This Chinese smartphone OEM is growing at an incredible pace and it will be interesting to see what happens with the company in 2015. Xiaomi has also confirmed that they won't participate at CES in Las Vegas next month, which basically means we won't see the Mi5 launched there. We did however see some alleged Mi4S / Mi5 images yesterday and today we get yet another batch of images of an unknown Xiaomi device.

If you take a look at the gallery below this article, you'll notice two new images which show us one of Xiaomi's upcoming handsets, allegedly. It is unknown which device this is though, it somewhat resembles the Mi3 though. This might end up being the Xiaomi Mi4S / Mi5 or perhaps the new Redmi Note handset, who knows. Perhaps Xiaomi is preparing a whole new line of devices to announce sometime in the future, anything is possible really. What do you think which device is this, is it the successor to the Mi4, Redmi Note, or is it something completely different?


I doubt Xiaomi will launch the Mi5 successor anytime soon considering the Mi4 was announced in the second half of 2014, though they might bring us an Mi4S or something similar. Redmi Note's successor is a possibility though, the original Redmi Note was launched in March 2014, so Xiaomi might launch the Redmi Note 2 (or whatever they end up calling it) in Q1 2015. There are a lot of possibilities at the moment, Xiaomi is on the right path, but they must pick what to launch carefully, they don't want to saturate the market with a bunch of poor handsets like Samsung did in the last couple of years. Xiaomi didn't do that thus far, so I doubt they'll change their approach, but as I said, everything is possible.

Do you think Xiaomi will be able to keep up their current growth rate in 2015 and actually meet their plans? As a side note, Xiaomi plans to sell 100 million devices in 2015, which is 40 million more than they planned this year.

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