Xiaomi Announces An Event For December 9th By Sharing A Rather Odd Teaser Image

Xiaomi windmill teaser

It seems like every single day we get some sort of news regarding this Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Xiaomi really is on fire lately, the company is doing extremely well as far as smartphone sales go and they’re planning all sorts of business expansions. We’ve seen some rumors and leaks regarding Xiaomi’s upcoming devices and what not. Well, we might see at least one of those devices launched soon, let me explain. Xiaomi has announced some sort of event for December 9th, we have no idea what it is, because the teaser is kind of cryptic, as usual. The title of the teaser is “Up In The Wind Together”, roughly translated from Chinese. If you take a look above this article, you’ll notice a rather odd teaser image with what seems to be a windmill pictured on it. I honestly have no idea what to expect Xiaomi to announce, but a logical thing to expect is some sort of a new device.

We’ve seen all sorts of rumors and leaks regarding Xiaomi’s upcoming devices. Rumors are saying that the company is getting ready to launch Redmi 1S’ successor, along with an extremely cheap mid-range tablet and the Mi5 successor is in the mix as well, though it’s way too early for Xiaomi to pull the trigger on that one and launch company’s new flagship offering. What will they launch? Well, it’s anyone’s guess, they might actually launch some sort of service rather than new hardware, but I do expect them to launch that affordable tablet that has been talked about a lot lately. According to rumors, ti will sport a 9.2-inch 720p display and 1GB of RAM, the most interesting thing about it is the price actually, this thing will cost around $100, which is extremely affordable, especially if we consider it will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 410 processor, at least according to rumors.

Whatever Xiaomi decides to introduce at that event, we’ll be ready to cover it, so stay tuned, December 9th is the date. Until then, let us know what you think this company will announce at that event, hardware, software, some sort of service perhaps?