WhatsApp Voice Calling Images Appear Online Showing What The Service Might Look Like


WhatsApp is a massive app. If you do not currently use it then you can be sure that a lot of the people in your address book user the app. That's why Facebook was so keen to get in on the action and paid an obscene amount for the company earlier on this year. However, since then there have been a number of rumors that have been circulating. We reported a couple of weeks ago about the latest and most concrete evidence that WhatsApp might be coming to a web browser near you soon. Now, it looks like we are starting to see another rumor flesh out more.

This rumor is in respect of WhatsApp as a voice caller. This is another rumor which has been circulating for quite some time. That said, its status as a 'rumor' is probably not that accurate as the CEO did announce that this will be a feature soon. Either way though, if you are interested in the idea of WhatsApp as a voice caller service then you might want to check out the images below. These were obtained by AndroidWorld (source link below) and basically show what it is presumed to be how the voice calling feature will look and work. The images highlight what the main incoming call screen will look like, which adopts the standard green WhatsApp banner top along with big screen imagery. In addition, you can also see images showing what the call log and missed calls will also look like. Again, these screens fit in with what we already know the WhatsApp app to look like. It is worth remembering, there is no indication if they (at all) resemble what the final product will look like. That said, it is always interesting to see what might be available.


If you are wondering when this service will finally land, the truth is, no-one knows for sure yet. As mentioned it was announced early this year by the CEO and it was expected to become available by now. That said, we did report back in October that the service had been postponed until Early 2015. Whether this will be the final date is still unclear. However as 2015 fast approaches, more up-to-date information should become available soon enough. So what do you think of the images? Looking forward to WhatsApp voice calling? Let us know

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