Vivo To Enter The Indian Smartphone Market Soon

December 4, 2014 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

India seems to be the destination for many smartphone manufacturers lately. This isn’t actually all that surprising considering we’re talking about the second biggest market in the world, but still, the amount of handsets available in India is kind of staggering. Google has launched company’s Android One program in collaboration with 3 India-based manufacturers, Motorola has started selling a bunch of company’s products there and other manufacturers are doing business over there as well, especially Chinese ones. Xiaomi is selling tons of smartphones in India, they hold “Flash Sales” via Flipkart and sell tens of thousands of handsets in the matter of seconds. Vivo seems to be next in line to enter the Indian market.

This China-based smartphone manufacturer has had some really solid offerings in the past and their Vivo X5 Max handset will launch soon and will quite probably become the world’s thinnest smartphone by de-throning Oppo’s R5 smartphone. Vivo X5 Max will allegedly be only 4.75mm thick. Vivo has announced that it will officially enter the Chinese market, though the launch lineup hasn’t been confirmed just yet. Jacky Liao, director of Vivo Mobile India, did however say that 4-5 Vivo models will be a part of the aforementioned lineup, those handset’s prices will range from INR 7,000 to INR 40,000. This launch is a part of partnership with Viacom18, a company which will be working on marketing together with Vivo, as far as Indian market is concerned that is. Vivo is currently active in China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar and company’s main market is of course in China where they hold 6% of the market share.

As soon as we find out which devices will be a part of the aforementioned lineup we’ll let you know. I have a feeling that he upcoming Vivo X5 Max will be a part of that lineup, it makes sense, the device will launch soon and they have a strong marketing foothold considering this handset will be the thinnest piece of smartphone hardware in the world, which is nothing to scoff at. How useful and logical it is to make such a smartphone? Well, that’s debatable, I’d rather not get into that right now.