Unboxing and First Impressions: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge


This morning, the Galaxy Note Edge popped up on my doorstep. So I figured that we could do a nice unboxing video for you guys and first impressions of this innovative phone from Samsung. Obviously, looking at the Unboxing video, I was not the first one to get my hands on this particular device. But nonetheless we've unboxed it and you can check out the pictures below.

Aesthetically, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is a really good looking phone. And if you've been following me for some time you know how much I haven't been a fan of their hardware, both the look and feel. But the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge are great looking smartphones. It's basically the same build as the Galaxy Note 4, which I really like, except the right edge has been melted down a bit and the display goes along the edge. Obviously that's where the Galaxy Note Edge name came from.


Since I did just get my hands on the Galaxy Note Edge this morning, it's tough to give a full review with battery stats, usage, etc., that'll come in a full review in a couple of weeks. But the Galaxy Note Edge does have a few pretty cool features that could use some work. For instance that edge display on the right edge, it is basically your dock now. Which isn't a bad thing, it's actually pretty cool. But your notifications also come in there and slide across like a ticker. And if you're using your phone in landscape it's perfect, but when using it in portrait, it's kinda tough to read. So there are some cool features here, but they could definitely use some help. However, that is expected on a first generation product, from any company not just from Samsung. It'll be exciting to see what they do next year with the Galaxy Note Edge 2, as we already know there's going to be a Galaxy S6 Edge, or at least it's been rumored.

Down below we have some pictures of the device, as well as a nice unboxing for you to check out.