Uber Has A Nice Little Christmas Present For Taxi Drivers In New York


Well it appears that Uber is in the giving spirit this Christmas Eve as they have given quite the nice little gift to New York cab drivers. Of course, we are being sarcastic, Uber has actually done quite the opposite. The company has apparently sent out an email to Uber users who reside in New York City explaining that from this point on, if users hail a cab through the Uber app they will be charged an extra $2.

Many of you may not be aware of this but users who live in New York have the added option of getting a yellow cab through Ubers app instead of a black Uber car. Now it looks as though this convenience will come with an added $2 surcharge. If any of you remember, Uber cut prices of their UberX black cars in the summer of this year by about 20 percent and it really didn't do much for them. While it did make their fares cheaper, they still only cost very slightly less then taking a conventional yellow taxi cab. Uber seems to have realized this and instead of lowering their prices even further, they have decided to instead raise the price of their competition.

This $2 surcharge for hailing a yellow taxi through the Uber app will no doubt hurt yellow taxi drivers at first but there is a light at the end of the tunnel for them. Just earlier this month, New York created a new bill that will allow yellow taxis to design and create their very own app. Said app will allow users to hail yellow taxi cabs free of this $2 surcharge that Uber is imposing.


Despite Uber attempting to rationalize the $2 surcharge in the email they sent out to New York City users, we can all clearly see that this was done for a single reason. To handicap Uber's only real taxi service competition there. Uber said in the email that the extra charge is a "charge added to UberT trips on behalf of yellow and boro taxi drivers who utilize the Uber platform." The email continued on to say that similar costs have also been implemented in Washington D.C, as well as Chicago. This is something that will only give Uber even more bad press and make users hate them more than they already do. But at the end of the day these are Uber's mistakes to make.

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