How To: Transfer Your Information To Your New Sony Phone Using Xperia Transfer

Switching to a new phone is never a fun process. There's so many photos, bookmarks, and videos, so much music that you want to take with you on the new device. If you got a new Sony device this holiday season, you're in luck. Sony has an app called Xperia Transfer that makes it super simple to take all of that data from your old device and send it to your new Xperia phone or tablet. The process is quick and painless. In the Xperia Transfer app, orange lettering is used on your old device, while a light blue lettering is used on your new Xperia device. In these screenshots, my Xperia Z2 is on the left and my old device is on the right.

The first thing you'll need to do is download the Xperia Transfer Mobile app from the Google Play Store. You will want to install this on both your old phone and your new Xperia device. Once it's installed, open the app on your old phone. You'll be presented with the option to 'Get Started.' On your new Xperia device, open the app and select the operating system that your old phone uses.

The next step involves selecting which device will be sending data and which will be receiving it. Your old device will only let you select 'Send' unless it is also an Xperia phone or tablet. Either way, select 'Send' on your old device. You'll want to select 'Receive' on your new Xperia device.

Sony reminds you that you have to have theXperia Transfer app on both or your devices, so they give you a QR code to download it on your other device if you haven't already. This QR code link takes you to the Xperia Transfer app on the Google Play Store.

The next step asks you to select the method you want to use to connect the two devices. If you have the correct cables, you can complete your transfer via USB connection. I would suggest selecting 'Wireless' just to keep things simple and straightforward. This will use a Wi-Fi direct connection between the two devices.

Now we're given the option for connecting via NFC or using a PIN. If both of your devices support NFC, use that. It's faster. If not, then select PIN and the app will generate a PIN. Your new Xperia device will generate the PIN, and then you'll enter it on your old device. If you're using NFC, you'll be prompted to touch the two devices together to initiate the transfer. You'll see a confirmation box; just press Accept and the connection will be established.

This step says that you're 'Ready to transfer' and lets you select what you want to send to your new device. Local contacts, Conversations, Bookmarks, Photos, Music, Videos, and more. Check or uncheck the box next to each item to tell the app which things you want transfer. You'll see a 'Transfer in progress' screen while the phones swap information.

That's it! Your transfer is complete. Congratulations!

Transferring your old information to your new Sony Xperia device is incredibly simple with the Xperia Transfer Mobile app. You can use a wired or wireless connection, click through a few screens to connect your devices, then wait a few minutes for everything to transfer. Fast and easy.

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