Top Android Homescreen December 12th Edition: Green Winter

It's Christmas a little here at Android Headlines and it is the winter season for those of us in the western part of the world, so why not jazz up our homescreens with something that celebrates the season? As always with our homescreen picks we grab the screens from, and this week we have decided to go with something a little festive. We know that Christmas is still officially a couple weeks away, but we chose Green Winter because it looks great, is simple and simple to set up, and it makes us feel a little warm and fuzzy inside just like if you were sitting next to the fire opening gifts with family friends.

To start things off, you'll need a few different apps to get this going, so we'll gloss over what you need and what steps to take to recreate this look. First you'll want to grab a third party launcher, either Apex Pro or Nova Prime will do the trick.(at this point this is pretty much a given with how many we of these designs we've done and a home launcher is always needed)Next you want to download and install Zooper Wiget Pro, and finally media utilities.

Now onto the setup. Once you have everything installed, make sure to also download the zooper files for the widgets, you can grab those from the creator on the mycolorscreen page for this design. This look is set up with two minimal screens, so make sure you have two homescreens set up, and then set your grid to 6 x 8. Set the margins to none, and hide the status bar top and hide the dock down at the bottom. You can find those options in the Apex or Nova settings. After you have those details ironed out, you can long press on the homescreen and apply the widgets and that's pretty much it. If you like this homescreen design, be sure to hit the love button on the mycolorscreen page, and "zoom" the image to show appreciation for the work. If you want to get this look without having to go through all these steps, the themer download file is also available at the page provided by the source link, and instead of Apex or Nova you would install Themer. Have a great weekend and Happy Themeing!

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