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No matter where you live, chances are Soccer (Football) is a big deal. This year in particular was a great year for Soccer thanks to the World Cup that took place over the summer. Now it is time to take a quick look at ten of the best Soccer apps currently available for Android.


Flick Shot 2

Flick Shot 2 is for the connoisseur soccer fans out there as this one is all about perfecting one aspect of the game, free kicks. If you think you're free kicks are a work in progress (or if you think they are perfect) then this is the one for you. The object of this game is to perfect those kicks until you cannot miss. Although, the premise sounds a little repetitive, thanks to a number of additional features like different game modes, multiplayer and the ability to customize players, jerseys and balls this one does offer hours of gameplay.

Pro Zombie Soccer

This is a real different take on what a soccer game should be and as such must be given a try. In short, this is soccer meets the Walking Dead. Instead of playing a different team the object of this one is to try and battle an ever increasing and approaching army of zombies. Best way to defeat them is to get a headshot by kicking the football at their head. If you fancy a soccer game with a twist then you should give this one a go.

Pocket Soccer

Like Pro Zombie Soccer, Pocket Soccer is another game that takes the age-old tradition of soccer and mixes it up with the modern. Pocket soccer is best understood if you think of soccer on an Air Hockey table. The premise and the gameplay are both that simple. That said, this is one which you will find yourself playing for hours on end. Pocket soccer focuses heavily on international teams and as such offers a real world cup feel with your choice of country taking on the rest of the world. If you get bored playing the computer then you can always take advantage of the multiplayer function with your friends.

Puppet Soccer 2014

This soccer game is definitely not for the more technical or passionate soccer fans out there and in fact requires very little skill to play. That said, it is strangely addictive. In short, this is a one-man team game of soccer where the object is to try and score passed the other one man team, usually by heading the ball in. You can pick your choice of country and play with the representative of that country. The whole game has a strange bobble head feel about it but if you are looking for a quick soccer fix without any of the technical skills needed then give this one a try.

Stickman Soccer 2014

Stickman soccer 2014 is the follow up to the Stickman Soccer and in a similar vein offers a very close level of gameplay (which is not a bad thing). However, the 2014 edition certainly has a World Cup Brazil flair about it. First up, you pick and stick with your country of choice (no club teams offered) and try to climb up the ranks either via a league or cup mode. To add to their Brazil flair you also have the ability to choose different types of surface to play on from the standard green grass to the more exotic beach locations. If you are looking for a traditional soccer gameplay but with a more modern look then this might be right for you.

Top Eleven

This one is slightly different to the rest of the games on the list as the player does not actually play any football. This is a managerial game where tactics and strategy is everything. If you always fancied yourself as more of the brains behind soccer success then this one might be right for you. In Top Eleven, you make all the choices, you pick the players, monitor their health, rest them when needed and look towards the end game - the title. If you are a fan of the old Football Manager titles then you should give this one a try.

Striker Soccer London

This is another one of those soccer games which has been re-imagined to coincide with a real event. Striker Soccer London was released as a tribute game for the London Olympics and as such the object of the game is to take your favorite national team to the top and win gold. This is a rather smooth soccer gameplay with basic pass, kick and shoot features enabled and is quite fast paced for the size of the game. In addition to the Olympic mode, you also have the ability to play friendlies or jump straight into a penalty shootout.

Air Soccer

If you liked the idea of soccer meets air hockey like in Pocket Soccer then you might also want to give Air Soccer a try. This is another air hockey/soccer game and actually adopts more of a true air hockey feel as there is only one player on each time. The player is again shaped like a puck and again is only available as an international team. That said, this is a fast game and as long as you don't take it too seriously (from a soccer point of view) it is an enjoyable game. Air Soccer also offers the ability to play either the CPU in a one player mode or to pit your skills against your friends in multiplayer.


PES Pro Evolution Soccer Management

Including PEST Management on the list will instantly cause a stir of controversy among the die hard soccer game fans out there. Reason is the original, PES games are simply some of the best soccer games ever created. Back in the day, they were head and shoulders over the competition and this was in spite of the game not having licenced player names. PES Management is not like those games. Although, it does carry the namesake this is quite a different game nowadays and far more similar to Top Eleven then any of the other games. This is another strategy based game where the idea is to train and manage your team to get the best out of them as well as to achieve success. The real interesting feature of PES is that it seems to have a top trumps sort of feel with a throwback to soccer playing cards which include the player stats and this is one of the reasons it is being included. If you are looking for a more in-depth soccer game (which does take some time to get used to) then maybe give PES a try. Just make sure not to compare it to the old PES and instead think of it as a completely new game.


It is impossible to put together a list of soccer games and not include FIFA. This is the soccer game of games irrespective of platform and Android is no different. If overall, you are looking for a complete package soccer game and experience the FIFA is the one to play. FIFA offers excellent graphics coupled with a smooth gameplay and not forgetting is fully licenced for all the real soccer players. FIFA includes all the original teams, stadiums, players and kits and simply offers the most realistic look and feel soccer game. You can play in either the standard league modes (choice of all major worldwide and international leagues) or try your luck at the more dramatic cup modes. Either way, for the die hard soccer fans out there this is the one to try.

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