Top 10 Best Games For Your Android Smartphone And Tablet

Leo's Fortune

This awesome little platformer is laden with awesome puzzles and platforming action and tons of gorgeous graphics. Help the adorable and fuzzy/witty little Leopold track down the one who stole his fortune of gold and get it back. There's tons of adventure here and it's one game you don't want to miss. Especially since it's currently on sale for $0.99. 



Bandland is another platformer but with more of an atmostpheric feel and some cool features like local multiplayer. It contains 90 unique levels, multiplayer mode, co-op mode, and a richly detailed background for each level. Navigate your forest dweller through each level filled with wondrous scenery, enemies, and tons of traps to try to make it to the end.

Smash Hit

Smash Hit from Mediocre games is a beautifully crafted game that takes you on a journey through a land of glass, and your job is to break as much of it as you can. There's over 50 different rooms with 11 graphic styles, Google Play Games leaderboards and achievements, and some cool music and audio effects that fit each stage.


Tales From The Borderlands

A truly epic tale from the Telltale games crew. Everything you love about the great storytelling playthroughs of Telltale, with the hilarity and action you know all too well on Pandora from the Borderlands series from 2K games. Experience player driven stories based off of the choices you make, tons of inappropriate jokes and the kind of content you could only expect to find in a Borderlands game. This is episode 1 of 5 in an episodic series. 

Anomaly Defenders

Anomaly Defenders is the first actual Tower Defense game from the popular Anomaly series from 11 Bit Studios. This time around instead of running your earth troops of humans through a gauntlet of alien towers in the invasion on earth, you play the aliens who are trying to defend themselves from the human invasion on their own home planet. There are tons of alien towers and defenses you'll have to command against a powerful human onslaught. The game carries a full blown tech tree, 8 unique upgradeable towers, and requires a little bit of strategic thinking if you're going to outsmart the humans. 

The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga is a strategy RPG Viking Epic with some of the most rich and immersive storytelling you'll experience on mobile today. It features loads of hours of gameplay with fully player driven story based on the decisions you make with 25 different playable characters throughout the game. Graphics are hand illustrated and it even features voice acting for cutscenes. If you enjoy strategy RPG's, don't miss out on this one.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is an awesome puzzle game that tasks you with guiding the silent princess through impossible architecture to reach end destination in each level. The levels are designed as optical illusions making things a little more challenging, and the audio in the game reacts to your manipulation of the game world. The game features tablet support so it's great to play on both smartphones and tablets, and it features cloud save so you can pick up where you left off no matter what device you want to play it on.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Blizzar Entertainments wildly popular card battle game, Hearthstone finally made it to Android tablets this month and it was well worth ever second of the wait. See what everyone has been talking about and why it has gained so much praise. Put together decks of heroes and other characters found within the World of Warcraft universe and pit them against your opponent to see who claims victory. Build your decks from hundreds of different cards and run through single player scenarios or play head to head against other live players. Your card collection is linked to the account so you can also play this seamlessly across your tablet or PC.

Kingdom Rush Origins

This is the third installment in the Kingdom Rush series, and also the prequel to the two previous games bringing things back to where it all began. Enter an epic fantasy world filled with tons of towers and troops like mystic mages, stone druids, elf archers and more as you attempt to beat back the waves of enemies. You can battle and defend against 30 new enemy types, rain down lightning on your foes and summon reinforcements, and when things get tough you can call in the help of legendary heroes that brandish awesome powers and spells of untold magnitude. 


Unpossible is a racing game unlike any you have played on Android. Test your skills and reflexes as you race around a winding course through an epic futuristic looking city while dodging obstacles that around nearly every turn. It features both touch and tilt controls so you can play how you feel most comfortable, and there are three difficulty modes, including Simplicity, Futile, and Ultra.(meant only for the most skilled players)There are daily gameplay levels to play which can be used for practice, and there's even a special fourth mode called cruise, which is a simple zen level that keeps going around the track with the tune of the atmospheric audio in the background meant to be for a more relaxing audio/sensory experience with cool looking visuals. 


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