Tony Bongiovi Brings Automatic Remastering to Wicked Revolt Headphones at CES 2015


Premium headphones are nothing new to the market, but there's still plenty of unexplored things to do with sound as premium headphones continue to improve.  Beats is surely the most recognized name in premium headphones, and while plenty of people will challenge the quality of the headphones for the price, there's no doubt that the premium market is all about the namesake.  That's why legendary producer Tony Bongiovi, the name behind such huge hit artists like Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, The Ramones and dozens of others, is putting his name behind Wicked Audio's latest headphones.  The Wicked Revolt headphones are making their way into the premium market in 2015 and are going to be showcased on the CES floor in just one week.

What makes the Wicked Revolt headphones so much different or better than other premium headphones out there?  Bongiovi Acoustics has not only lent its name to the Wicked Revolt but also Digital Power Station software that digitally processes music on the fly, giving you better quality audio than without.  Wicked Audio claims that Digital Power Station analyzes music and re-masters it in real-time for optimized playback, giving the user better audio than they've ever heard before and making music sound more like it came from the studio than a smartphone.  This is effectively supposed to return music to its original sound as if it were never compressed in the first place.


"At Wicked Audio, we're naturally born music-junkies, still resorting to traditional records as our favorite way to rock out. Revolt now lets consumers get that much-needed taste of the classic and original tones of their favorite music, but with the convenience of being played from an MP3," said Paul Marshall, Founder of Wicked Audio. "Make no mistake about it, this headphone not only changes the game in terms of simple and unique customization abilities, but also boasts a truly sleek and high-end appearance."

Wicked isn't stopping there though, it has made its mark on the Wicked Revolt with its own signature styling and premium materials to make these not only stylish but comfortable.  After all if you're going to be listening to music with larger over-the-ear headphones all day you want them to be as comfortable as possible!  The Wicked Revolt headphones are now available for $199.99 and will be showcased at CES 2015 in just a few days.


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