Ting Announces Partnership With "GSM Carrier" And Will Offer Services To Both CDMA And GSM Devices

Ting may not be one of the more well-known wireless carriers here in the U.S., but after they reportedly begin support for use of GSM services they just might gain a little more recognition. According to Fierce Wireless and Ting who is one of Sprint's MVNO carriers, they are going to be partnering with a GSM carrier here in the U.S. and will begin to offer GSM SIM cards that will be compatible with unlocked GSM devices. Nothing has been officially stated or confirmed at this point as to who they're working with due to a contractual obligation, but the signs seem to point to T-Mobile being the partner, indicated by the showing of their partner's coverage map.

Ting made the announcement earlier this morning and put out a rather short ad spot unveiling "the next big thing from Ting," which shows what is probably taking the most action filled approach to the announcement of new SIM cards in the history of SIM cards. You would think by the background audio and we were watching the announcement for a hot new device, but that isn't the case here. The implied serious nature of the video is backed by undertones of comedy, where at one point Ting says their SIM card carries "Pure Gold Contacts" only to state in the smaller fine print below that "Contacts are gold in color only. Probably aren't pure gold, sorry we lied." What's interesting is that the SIM cards appear as though they're all set up for devices that use any size SIM, having the ability to strip away the outer lining of the original SIM to make it either a micro or nano size SIM. This eliminates any need for Ting to carry multiple size SIM cards as the one they'll soon be using is a one size fits all.

Customers will soon be able to bring in any(seemingly)unlocked GSM phone regardless of carrier and place the Ting SIM inside of it, and the SIM cards will reportedly cost around $9 a pop. Customers who also have both CDMA and GSM devices will be able to operate on one Ting account for their service, with Ting stating that "On Ting, your CDMA and GSM devices will be able to coexist under a single account and will share a single pool of minutes, messages and megabytes. At the end of the billing cycle, they will appear on a single monthly bill. As far as we can tell, this is a North American first and we're pretty sure it's a worldwide first too." Is this new offering from Ting enticing enough to get you to consider their service? If not, at least watch the video below, it's great for a laugh.

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