The Top 3 Android Gaming Devices this Christmas

December 8, 2014 - Written By Chris Yackulic

The Top 3 Android Gaming Devices this Christmas

With the iPhone 6 having recently claimed Pocket Lint’s coveted Gadget of the Year award, this phone has been firmly established as the leading smartphone device. Despite this and the handsets increased capacity for gaming, however, Android devices still lead the way when it comes to enjoying interactive, real-time experiences. There are a number of Android devices that are ideal for the purposes of gaming, each of which has their own unique appeal and specification.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 4.7

The Samsung Galaxy 3 Note

While Samsung may have endured a difficult 2014, the quality of its leading devices cannot be ignored. Many of these have also set new standards in terms of gaming, with the excellent Samsung Galaxy S3 providing a relevant case in point.  Powered by a Snapdragan 800 processor and equipped with a high definition display, it offers outstanding game play and immerses players in a genuinely interactive experience. So while it may have been overshadowed by subsequent Android launches, it still has genuine appeal in the market.



One of the aforementioned, new Android releases, the GPD G5A is also one of the first devices to be powered by the 5.0 Lollipop operating system. Not only does it feature a unique and ergonomic design, but it also delivers processing speeds that are among the very best in the whole of the marketplace. Another central feature it’s easy to operate analogue sticks and an exceptionally responsive D-Pad, which helps to replicate a realistic and interactive experience. This makes a significant difference, whether you are playing action-themed games or navigating virtual gambling platforms such as those available through

Shield Tablet

The Nvidia Shield Tablet

To many, this device represents the future of handheld gaming, thanks to its ground-breaking specification and the sheer level of innovation behind it. It is also the first device of its type that has been dedicated to gaming, while the impressive 5.0 Lollipop operating system also delivers rapid processing speeds and extremely smooth graphical representation. In addition to its high performance and visually impressive nature, however, users will soon be able to seamlessly share and download a wide array of titles through the innovative GameStream and GRID services.